Comalli Group, Inc. includes:

Comalli Electric
Comalli Technology Systems

Our Services:

Large Construction
Technology Systems
Design-Build and Design-Assist
Around-the-Clock Service

Career Development

Investing in talent and the future.

Comalli Group, Inc. hires, trains and retains the best electricians in the industry.

Apprentices are enrolled in either a Massachusetts or New York registered state-approved program. They attend school at night where they are enrolled in a structured four-to-five year program. Each year's curriculum builds on what they have previously learned both in the field and classroom. During the day, apprentices work with seasoned journeyman in all phases of the electrical trade. Only apprentices that meet their annual educational requirements are allowed to remain at Comalli Group, Inc.

We routinely sponsor training seminars for all our employees. These sessions typically consist of code updates and suppliers demonstrating the use of new tools, products or technology. Additionally, job site safety, CPR and First Aid Training are always ongoing.

Employees are encouraged to continue their education, and Comalli Group, Inc. provides assistance to do so.