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Nathan Bryant
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Comalli Technology Systems
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Tel: 518-218-1500, ext. 201

Security Systems

Protecting employees and business assets

IP Technology has revolutionized the world of security systems, and Comalli Technology Systems is the area’s leading contractor to maximize its potential. Working closely with our customers, our security systems experts design cost-effective networked solutions that focus on fully secured systems for commercial environments. Using CCTV, Access Control, intrusion detection devices and tele-entry technology, our flexible systems are effective for one building, or scalable for a large campus environment.

The end result: businesses can now control and track access to specific areas, prevent entry to secure environments, better protect employees and business assets, and maintain greater security at an affordable price. In addition, Comalli Technology Systems also offers mesh networking surveillance for municipal or campus-wide security.

Within the next five years, most if not all security systems will be IP-based solutions. Comalli Technology Systems prides itself in leading the pack when it comes to leveraging new technologies that benefit our customers. Migrating to IP throughout our data cables gives us the upper hand when it comes to designing state-of-the-art security systems, while also enabling us to easily upgrade existing customers to this efficient and cost effective security technology.