Safety comes first at Comalli.

There is no substitute for health and safety, either for our customers or our employees. No employee is required to work under conditions known to be unsafe or dangerous. We expect them to be vigilant of work area conditions and report workplace hazards or safety violations to their supervisor without fear of disciplinary action or retaliation.



At Comalli Group, Inc., safety is taken very seriously.

Actions that do not maintain a safe work environment are never tolerated. We constantly offer educational opportunities for our employees through weekly “Tool Box Talks” and supplier seminars. Our insurance carrier performs job site visits to review safety procedures and discuss potential safety improvements. In addition, our carrier also hires independent third party experts to conduct unannounced job site visits to insure complete compliance.

Comalli Group, Inc. understands the dangers associated with the construction industry and the importance of maintaining a healthy work force. As an added step, Comalli provides CPR and First Aid training to its employees.