Access Control Systems For Your Business

Physical access control is a matter of who, where and when. An access control system determines who is allowed to enter or exit, where they are allowed entry, and when they are permitted to access a certain location.

Electronic access control is a clean, user-friendly solution that avoids the headaches that ongoing mechanical issues with locks and keys can pose. Simple ID cards or key-fobs can be used to give tens, hundreds or even thousands of employees customized credentials and access.

These access control systems can integrate electronically with additional security systems, such as new or existing CCTV, communication systems, and alarm monitoring systems. We proudly partner with S2 Security Access Control Systems


Securing Access with Comalli

Every business has custom access control needs. Our security experts work with you to identify the levels of access you need, controlling factors such as:

  • Access based on employee’s title; seniority; department and more
  • Access to various interior and exterior doors
  • Access to various floors and sections of buildings
  • Access for guest badges
  • Access based on time of day, and/or day of the week

Our systems are then designed and implemented based on the details above, allowing for total customization. We can also pair our access control systems with other security systems on-site. Consider the value of having live surveillance camera footage captured any time someone tries to enter a location where they’re restricted from entering! These design access alerts can be sent to your security guards or other key individuals that would benefit from such warnings.