There are hundreds of security camera products on the market today. These systems vary from standard analog Digital Video Recorders to IP-based Network Video Recording.

At Comalli, we aim to ensure that your system is the very best to meet your business’ needs. Comalli Technology Services can design, install and service your new or existing surveillance systems. Our technicians can help secure your property by taking steps such as:

  • Integrating existing analog cameras into a new hybrid system – reusing your analog cams and adding IP cams
  • Providing access to the latest in surveillance camera technologies – PTZ, HD, megapixel
  • Enabling viewing of cameras at multiple locations from one or many locations
  • Providing surveillance capabilities using your smartphone with an app or using your web browser
  • Integrating your IP surveillance with access control

Want camera footage when motion is detected at particular times of the day or night? Need footage from locations where a suspicious person was just denied access? Comalli technicians will work with you to identify the system you need and the customizations required to protect your people, property and assets from intrusions. Our partners include Axis, Panasonic, Exacq, and S2



Stay Secure with Surveillance Maintenance & Support

At Comalli, we don’t just set up your systems and walk away. Your surveillance systems must be reliable, and therefore require regular maintenance and check-ins to ensure everything is working as intended. Outdoor cameras, especially those within domes, can be affected by elements such as wind, weather, dirt and more. Our team will come out and examine your cameras on an ongoing basis, making sure to clean them, aim them and refocus them, as needed.