Intrusion Detection Systems For Your Business

Our intrusion systems along with our 24/7 monitoring services protect your property and assets even when you are away.  With the use of door contacts, motion detectors and glass break sensors we can ensure that your facility is safe from unwanted visitors.  Upon a breach you will be alerted via phone call and or text message and have the ability to dispatch authorities to investigate the situation if necessary.


These intrusion detection systems can integrate electronically with additional security systems, such as access control and CCTV systems.


Securing Property with Comalli

Every business has specific intrusion detection needs. Our security experts work with you to identify the levels of detection, controlling factors such as:

  • Creating various zones
  • Determining who may arm and disarm the system
  • Creating automatic arming and disarming schedules
  • Creating points of contact for alarm responses

Our systems are then designed and implemented based on the details above, allowing for total customization. We can also pair our access control systems with other security systems on-site. Consider the value of having live surveillance camera footage captured any time someone tries to enter a location where they’re restricted from entering! These design access alerts can be sent to your security guards or other key individuals that would benefit from such warnings.