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You never know when you may need to repair, upgrade, or change your electrical switches and outlets. Many older homes have antique electrical systems, and updating your electrical can mean more reliable power delivery from safe, modern delivery systems. The Comalli Group, Inc. provides home and business owners repair and installation services for electrical switches and outlets. You want to keep your home safe, and upgrading your electrical switches and outlets will be a huge step in the right direction. We put our customers’ needs first on every single job, and when you need electric services, you can’t go wrong when choosing Comalli Group, Inc.

Our Albany team of electricians is ready to help you with your outlet or switch repairs, installations, or replacements. Call us today at 800-913-0446. We can’t wait to help you today!

Outlet & Switch Repair, Replacement, and Installation

How do you know when it’s time to replace, upgrade, or repair the electrical outlets in your home? Have you noticed your outlets aren’t working as they have in the past? There are signs you should take notice of immediately, like sparks and smoke odors. If you see sparks or smell smoke odors, don’t try to replace or repair them without help. Your outlets may also need upgrades with reconfiguration to standard household two three-prong, polarized receptacles.

Here are five warning signs to look for when interacting with your electrical systems:

  • Burning Smells: Be concerned if you smell burning plastic or if the switch cover is warm to the touch. The warmth is coming from worn wire terminals or contacts. These elements get very hot, and they can eventually melt if they’re left active for too long.
  • Flickering Lights: Old and worn lights may struggle to turn on once the switch is flipped. When contacts are worn, it can make your electrical current inconsistent.
  • Loud Switches: Failing light switches are noisy, and they can signal a loose connection or defective switch.
  • Worn Faceplates: Faceplates become damaged after years of wear and tear. As faceplates wear, it exposes your wiring. It’s dangerous, so you’d need to get repairs to avoid interacting with exposed wiring.
  • Outdated Ungrounded: When an outlet has only two holes, it’s not grounded. Your devices are protected from power surges when there’s no grounding wire. Outdated outlets can put your home at risk.

Outlets and switches can also catch your home on fire if not repaired. Call your electrician for an inspection. In the meantime, you can stop the flow of current by turning off the current using the circuit breaker.

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When customers choose to work with the Comalli Group, Inc., they can count on high-quality services at an affordable price. We provide skilled technicians and high-quality products for your project. Whether your problem is big or small, let our team of trained experts help with your design, repair, and installation projects.

Our Albany team of electricians is ready to help you with your outlet or switch repairs, installations, or replacements. Call us today at 800-913-0446. We can’t wait to help you today

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