Energy Services

Energy Services

Turn-Key Energy Solutions for Your Home or Business in the Capital Region & Western Massachusetts

With nearly 40 years of industry experience, our team at Comalli Group, Inc. understands that electrical solutions are only a part of the energy puzzle, which is why we created our Comalli Energy Solutions division. This division puts innovation at the forefront to help your home, business, or industrial property save money on energy costs. We offer expert LED lighting installation and solar solutions to residential and commercial properties throughout Albany, Latham, and surrounding areas.

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Comalli Group, Inc. Can Save You Money on Energy Bills

Our licensed and highly experienced team takes pride in supplying our customers with only the best and most advanced products on the market to ensure results that boost your quality of life and function optimally for years to come. We are one of the industry’s leading providers of turn-key energy savings services because we take the time to perform a detailed energy audit—analyzing utility bills, calculating energy conversions, and walking you through all your options.

Our trained team will identify where you can save money and energy and then design the perfect solution—even obtaining grants, rebates, or incentives that could be applied to your project. Once every detail of the project has been poured over, we begin the installation process. We do our best to install your new energy-savings systems quickly, seamlessly, and efficiently to avoid any downtime or hassle. Our highly skilled technicians will even perform a final review to ensure everything is working perfectly.

How can our energy-saving solutions save you money?

  • LED light bulbs can save you up to 75% on lighting costs.
  • LED light bulbs are longer-lasting and produce less heat than fluorescent bulbs.
  • Solar panels sell your excess energy back to the utility company, cutting your energy bills drastically.
  • Solar systems cut your dependency on utility companies, so you don’t experience spikes in pricing during peak hours.

Energy-Saving Solutions You Can Count On

At Comalli Group, Inc., our turn-key energy solutions have helped hundreds of commercial, industrial, and residential properties save BIG on energy costs. Since 1981, we have built a reputation for a customer-first approach to our innovative solutions, and believe that clients should not only reap the benefits of energy savings and lower utility bills, but also enjoy the aesthetics and functionality of the newly designed system. Our local team wants to help save you money, energy, and ultimately, create a better environment for you and those around you. To learn more about our energy-saving services for your Albany home or business, contact our team today!

Interested in saving energy? Contact our team today to see how we can help! Call us at 800-913-0446or reach out online.

Why Hire Comalli?

Our Team Is Committed to Excellence
  • Efficiency Image Efficiency

    We are tenacious in our pursuit of efficiency, always looking to streamline our products and processes to make our offerings more useful to customers. We are efficient in our interactions with each other, and respectful of each other's time. We simply don't waste time.

  • Respect Image Respect

    We understand that active listening is a sign of respect. We seek to understand other viewpoints before presenting our own. In the Comalli community, there is no place for yelling, insults, threats, bullying, or harassment of any kind. Period. Caring, compassion, and kindness distinguish the Comalli team.

  • Continuous Improvement Image Continuous Improvement

    Each of us comes to work every day looking for creative ways to improve our work, company processes and interaction with others. We are passionate about improving ourselves and those with whom we work through feedback, teaching and coaching.

  • Collaboration & Community Image Collaboration & Community

    The Comalli community is special. Our people make us excel. We recruit great people, work hard to bring people into the community and respect and support each other. We help each other grow through feedback, coaching and mentoring.

  • Customer-Focus Image Customer-Focus

    We are proud of the work we do for our customers and constantly look for ways to impress them with our quality, reliability, safety, responsiveness and positive attitude. We strive to build long-term relationships with our customers and constantly seek ways to serve them better

  • Accountability Image Accountability

    We take personal responsibility to make sure our work is done to the highest level of quality, safety and efficiency. We hold ourselves and everyone around us to the highest standards on both job performance and adherence to the Comalli Values and Code of Conduct.

What Our Employees Are Saying

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  • Respect

    “The ability to express myself, the bonds and friendships I've created, and the overall respect I have and hope everyone has towards me.”

  • Care & Opportunity

    “Dave and Jim Comalli really care about their team and plenty of opportunity for growth and a good group of people to work with.”

  • I wouldn’t change a thing about Comalli.

    “Their respect and kindness they show their employees, it’s like we’re a family who gets along with one another and can talk about anything to them and they listen to us about any concerns we have and ...”

  • Busy & Appreciated

    “Always having enough work and knowing I’m appreciated.”

  • Comalli puts me in a position that allows me showcase my skills.

    “Their ability to put me in a position that allows me to showcase my ability to lead, work hand-in-hand with my colleagues to create a ‘make-it-happen atmosphere’ while teaching up-and-comers a ‘can-do ...”

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