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Expert Electrical Services to Fix Your Home’s Wiring

If your home’s wiring has become inefficient due to deterioration, you need licensed electricians equipped with the proper tools and skillset to remedy the situation. Look no further than Comalli Group, Inc.! Rewiring is complex, and even potentially dangerous when done by someone other than a licensed professional. Give your home the service it deserves. Let our team resolve your wiring issues.

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Reasons Your Albany Home May Need to be Rewired

While most modern wiring will stay in relatively good shape for several years with little need for maintenance, most of the problems with older wiring are from plugged-in electrical devices and lights. 

There are several reasons why your Albany home may need to be rewired:

  • Outdated Wiring: If your home has old and outdated electrical wiring, it may not meet the safety standards of modern electrical codes, posing potential hazards such as electrical fires or shocks.
  • Insufficient Power Supply: As homes accumulate more electrical devices and appliances, the existing wiring might not be able to handle the increased power demand, leading to frequent circuit overloads and tripping.
  • Safety Concerns: If your home's wiring is damaged or deteriorating, it can create safety risks, such as exposed wires, sparking outlets, or flickering lights, which should be addressed promptly.
  • Renovations and Additions: When undertaking significant renovations or adding new rooms, the existing electrical system might need upgrading to accommodate the increased load.
  • Non-compliance with Building Codes: If your home's electrical system does not comply with current New York State building codes and regulations, it may be necessary to rewire it to ensure compliance and safety.
  • Malfunctioning Switches and Outlets: Frequent issues with switches and outlets, like failing to work properly or generating heat, could indicate underlying wiring problems that warrant rewiring.
  • Aluminum Wiring: If your home was built during a time when aluminum wiring was commonly used (1960s to 1970s), it may need to be replaced with copper wiring due to the increased risk of fire hazards associated with aluminum.
  • Lack of Grounding: Older homes may not have a proper grounding system, which is essential for protecting against electrical surges and enhancing safety.

To determine if rewiring is necessary, it is best to consult a qualified electrician who can conduct a thorough inspection and provide appropriate recommendations for your specific situation.

Upgrade Your Home's Electrical System

If you live in an older home or are experiencing frequent electrical issues, it may be time to consider upgrading your electrical system. Upgrading your home's electrical system can provide numerous benefits, including improved safety, increased energy efficiency, and the ability to meet the demands of modern technology.

Benefits of upgrading your home's electrical system include:

  • Enhanced safety: Older electrical systems may not be equipped to handle the electrical demands of today's appliances and electronics, increasing the risk of electrical fires and shocks. Upgrading your system can help ensure the safety of your home and family.
  • Increased energy efficiency: Newer electrical systems are designed to be more energy-efficient, which can lead to lower energy bills. Upgrading your system can help reduce your carbon footprint and save you money in the long run.
  • Ability to meet modern needs: With the increasing reliance on technology in our homes, older electrical systems may not have the capacity to handle the demands of multiple devices and appliances. Upgrading your system can provide the necessary power and outlets to meet your modern needs.
  • Improved home value: Upgrading your electrical system can increase the value of your home, as it demonstrates that your home is up to code and equipped with modern amenities.

At Comalli Group, Inc., our expert electricians have the knowledge and experience to upgrade your home's electrical system safely and efficiently.

Contact us today and learn more about how upgrading your electrical system can benefit your Albany, NY home.

Modernizing Your Home to Meet Your Needs

You and your home deserve the best service possible. Comalli Group, Inc. is ready to provide it. Our technicians will be accessible throughout the entire process to do a visual inspection, discover the condition of your wiring, and offer suggestions for how to repair any prevalent issues. Our team will help you find an economical solution to resolve the problems your home is facing. We’ll reach the solution you need at a price you can afford.

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Commonly Asked Questions Regarding Electrical Rewiring

What are some common signs of wiring deterioration in my home?

Common signs of deteriorating electrical wiring in your home include loose outlets, burning smells, flickering or dimming lights, sizzling or buzzing sounds, frequently blown fuses or tripped breakers, electrical shocks when plugging a cord into an outlet, sparks or arcing from an outlet when plugging a cord in and discolored or hot plugs, cords and switch plates.

What is involved in rewiring my home?

If you're wondering how hard it is to rewrire a home, thinking you could maybe do it yourself, we highly recommend that you call a professional. Rewiring is a complex process that should only be done by licensed electricians equipped with the proper tools and skillset. Our Albany electricians begin by performing a thorough evaluation of your home to understand the electrical problems at hand. We will always explain our findings, provide suggested solutions, present you with upfront pricing before any work begins, and work with you to select the appropriate wiring based on your electrical and technological needs. After we complete the project, we always test our work for expert quality.

Is rewiring potentially dangerous?

Yes, rewiring can be potentially dangerous if it is not done by a licensed professional.

Are there any benefits from having my residential electric system updated?

Yes - updating your residential electrical systems can improve the safety of your home, while also providing upgraded technology capabilities, including things like audio and visual components.

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