Comalli provides many technology systems that serve to enhance how businesses communicate, both within their buildings and across various sites and campuses. Below is just a sampling of the technology systems available to be implemented. Contact us to learn more about how we can provide custom technology systems for your business’ locations.



Conference & Training Room Solutions

Companies can save money while improving communications by deploying advanced technologies that maximize the efficiency of their meeting spaces. Comalli is a leader in conference room technology, delivering iPad integration, whiteboard technology, video conferencing solutions, projection screens and more to improve collaboration and enhance productivity.

These solutions, combined with our automation & integration services and our audio systems can ensure your conference rooms provide the ideal environments for critical business meetings. Control with ease everything from the brightness of the lights and the volume of background music to the opening and closing of shades and the powering on and off of communications systems.

Our modern intercom systems can also give you the ability to remotely allow access to the visitor. Should both intercom and public address systems be required, Comalli can implement integrated systems that serve both purposes.


Public Address Systems

Inter-office communication is critical in providing messages efficiently to employees in various offices spaces and/or buildings. Comalli provides paging systems that can be used for routine site-wide communication, as well as for distributing vital information in the event of an emergency.

We design public address systems that deliver clear, intelligible messages when it matters most, taking care to customize speaker types, volume and more to ensure all messages are clearly conveyed at all times.



Intercom Solutions

Whether you need to communicate with visitors at a single entry door on your site, or hundreds of doors across multiple sites from various locations, Comalli can design and implement the system that meets your needs. We offer a wide variety of audio and video intercom systems from the industry’s leading manufacturers, such as:

  • Commend
  • Aiphone
  • Doorking