From the historic renovation of the beautiful Colonial Theatre in Pittsfield, MA, to the complete construction of major commercial and industrial centers in the Albany, NY area, Comalli Group, Inc. is one of the region’s most experienced and respected electrical contractors.

Our large construction division in western Massachusetts provides all phases of commercial, industrial and residential construction. In Upstate NY, we focus on commercial and industrial projects. But no matter where the job, Comalli Group Inc. brings new ideas and the most innovative solutions to every construction project, with management and oversight that is second to none and the most experienced electricians in the field.

In addition to large commercial and industrial projects with highly-sophisticated electrical systems, Comalli Group, Inc. has a lot of experience in healthcare, college, civic, residential, theatrical and institutional environments.



Comprehensive Preparation for Seamless Execution

We like to say that all of our “think work” is done up front – including AutoCAD drawings generated by Comalli Group, Inc. – which eliminate system design flaws and other challenges before construction begins. Our comprehensive preparation in advance of every job enables our projects to flow seamlessly to completion.

Our excellent reputation in the construction field was earned by our unique approach to managing projects and the value this approach brings to the customer. Every job is broken down into categories, with a manager running each section; a foreman overseeing all of the work, and an on-site project manager for strategic decision-making. Our highly-experienced team of managers and electricians bring years of training and expertise to every project.



Design-Build and Design-Assist Services

Delivering projects that are on time, within budget, and exceed customer expectations are among our most important goals. At Comalli Group, Inc., our design-build service creates an effective and seamless project delivery system that is driving superior results for our customers – often at far less cost than the more traditional design-bid-build route. The difference is in the collaboration, which is at the core of our design-build projects. In essence, our most experienced designers and project managers team up with our customers, creating a powerful alliance that is geared toward efficiency and innovation.

Our design-build team creates all of the necessary electrical systems, tying in data cabling and security systems as necessary. The process hinges on one source of responsibility for the overall project, which facilitates changes and eliminates the gaps that often occur when multiple subcontractors provide separate pieces of the project. By working closely with the customer, the final system designs perfectly reflect the needMarriot Clifton Pk-2s of the client, while maintaining the integrity of the budget. Collaboration often fosters greater innovation, which leads to better designs, more efficient projects, and a problem-free installation. Design-build projects take less time from concept to completion and help ensure a high-quality outcome.

Comalli Group, Inc. also provides design-assist services in which we work with the project engineer to create the most cost-effective designs as the drawings are developed. The design-assist project delivery system eliminates many change orders, reduces bidding and scheduling times, and helps speed the project to completion.