Comalli Group, Inc.’s Electrical Services Division provides generator installation, maintenance and repairs to both residential and business customers.


Residential Generator Services








At Comalli, we make sure you have the right generator for your home’s needs, whether you want a whole house system, one that only covers key systems in cases of emergency, or one customized otherwise to serve your home and its residents. If you’re considering purchasing a generator, we’ll come to your home to complete a free assessment, and answer questions such as:

  • “Do we want all of the lights to function, in case of a power outage?”
  • “What appliances, such as our refrigerator, do we always need powered?”
  • “If the power goes out, do we want the generator to turn on automatically, or will we turn it on manually?”
  • “Do you need to power your furnace and/or otherwise heat your home to avoid freezes in your pipes and living spaces?

Together, we’ll identify the generator that’s right for your home, needs and budget, and take you from planning and purchase through installation and ongoing maintenance. Today, our generators come supported by new technology, such as remote monitoring via an application on your smartphone. Out of town and hearing about power outages in your neighborhood? Check your generator’s status and feel confident that systems are powered in your home.


Commercial Generator Services


Comalli also offers generator services for businesses of all sizes. We know power is critical to keeping your business going. Power:

  • Provides you with access to critical data
  • Protects temperature-sensitive products and materials
  • Keeps phone systems running
  • Prevents interruptions in production
  • Keeps on-site employees and customers, patients and other guests safe
  • … and much more

At Comalli, we can inspect your facility’s electrical systems, identify the generator systems that are right for your building(s), and install them without disrupting your business’ operations. We also offer ongoing maintenance programs for all of our commercial and industrial generator customers, making sure that you can always depend on your generators should power outages occur. Remote monitoring by Comalli offers an additional layer of protection.