At Comalli, we take great pride in our LED installations. We strategically take all of the advantages of LEDs and incorporate them into our designs, ensuring your investment has maximum value in your business.

While providing you energy-efficient installations, we also seek to improve your spaces’ lighting levels, if needed, and improve the quality of light in the area. Our installations are functional and aesthetically pleasing, bettering the atmosphere for all that enter where our LEDs are present. Get more production from your employees with better lit spaces that minimize fatigue.



Why Choose LED Lighting                           

LED lighting (light emitting diode lighting) is the future in lighting design and energy efficiency. By installing LED fixtures or light bulbs, you are not only saving energy but you are helping create a new atmosphere in the areas the fixture or bulbs are installed in.

LED lighting brings out colors in furniture, artwork and decor that you never knew existed, as they mimic the warm colors lost in the light of fluorescents. Below are a few more reasons this fast growing style of lighting is the way of the future:

  • LED technology is the most efficient lighting product on the market and can save you up to 75% of monthly lighting usage costs
  • Energy saving programs are available for customers installing LEDs, with some paying up to 60% of the install and product cost and 0% financing available if qualified
  • LED lighting can be installed in a new home or a commercial business, and can also be installed to replace your existing fixtures or bulbs
  • LED lights dramatically produce a lot less heat than your standard incandescent bulbs, cutting summer cooling costs down
  • Safer than your standard bulbs, LEDs are shatterproof and contain no gases or contaminants
  • LED lights save on recycling fees for businesses and help keep the production of gas-filled bulbs off of the market
  • LED lights last an average of 10 years, longer than your standard light bulb, cutting down maintenance costs and time lost replacing bulbs

These are just some of the many benefits. Make sure to check out more in our example use cases below!



Free LED Lighting Assessments by Comalli

Interested in LED lighting? Our Comalli Energy team offers a free no obligation lighting assessment. One of our trained and highly-qualified lighting designers will visit your place of business (or your residence) and conduct an audit of all existing fixtures that you would like changed to an upgraded LED model.

After the audit is complete, our design team does what they do best: customize the best lighting design for your space. When complete, we work hand in hand with the utility companies to get you the best rebates, incentives and financing we can to make the project most cost effective for you, without sacrificing the quality of lighting.

At this time, you may decide if this project will be the best fit for you, with no pressure by us. We will be there for any questions you may have during the decision-making process. If you decide to accept the project, then the magic begins to happen. You will see your space start to transform into a well-lit, energy-efficient space that you will love for years.

Commercial Office & Conference Rooms

Create professional and inviting office spaces and conference rooms. When inviting a customer into your conference room, you want them to feel that the conference room offers a professional and comfortable setting. You also want to provide the right environment for your employees, wherever their desk is located in the office. Increasing your office’s comfort level can help your team close deals and produce in the most efficient manner possible.

While improving the atmosphere of your office, LED lighting also provides a higher efficiency and longer life, with a better quality of light than you can expect from traditional fluorescent and incandescent lighting. Our lighting systems can be integrated with other technology systems to provide the atmosphere you need.



Parking Lots & Parking Garages

Save money while securing your parking lot and giving your customer and employees better lighting to reach their cars. Site, area and parking garage lighting often create the greatest consumption of energy for business. With the LED family of luminaires, you can drastically reduce the wattage required to illuminate your location. Along with improving your lighting level and color rendering, LEDs can reduce energy consumption by up to 75% while making your location feel dramatically safer.



Auto Dealers

LED light changes can make all the difference at your auto dealerships.

Make the right first impression for your customers with LED exterior lighting. Your lot’s lighting is a critical element in shaping customers’ perception of an auto dealership and the vehicle inventory you’re selling, especially after dark.

Traditional parking lot lighting can lose 40% or more of its initial lighting output within the first year of its operation and can suffer significant color shifts as well. When choosing LED exterior fixtures, the contrast of light levels will only reduce 10% over more than a decade on most products and have significantly better color stability. The result: LED products that simply showcase your business and vehicles in a better light.

Improve your showroom and your customer experience. A properly illuminated showroom enhances the features and benefits of your vehicle inventory. The showroom, more than any other area, is where visitors form a first impression of your dealership’s quality and professionalism. Beautiful lighting and excellent color rendering give your customers the confidence to imagine themselves behind the wheel of their new vehicle.

Service your customers, not your lights. Your service department requires great lighting to help maintain its productivity and help increase your revenues. That means the technicians working in your shops need high-performance lighting to reliably provide superior work that keeps your customers returning to the dealership for oil changes, parts replacement and other services.