At Comalli, we work with our customers to identify and install high-quality audio and video systems in both residential and commercial settings. Our experts can provide you with completely new systems, as well as integrate new equipment and technology with systems already in place.

Find out more about these services below, and give us a call to talk about what we can do for you.

Comalli’s Technology Systems division provides businesses the sale and installation of a full range of AV systems, including:

  • Projector systems
  • Electric screens
  • Smart boards
  • High-def video systems
  • High-def audio systems
  • Plasma LCD and LED displays

Our commercial systems can help every type of business, from formal conference room set-ups for corporate buildings to background music systems in car dealerships, restaurants, stores and more. In addition, we are considered the region’s most experienced contractor for the sale and installation of theatrical AV systems, providing these systems for school campuses, training facilities and other venues.



Residential Audio Systems

Comalli provides a number of audio and visual system services to homeowners and real estate developers. We’ll design and install audio systems such as:

  • Whole-home audio systems
  • Outdoor audio systems
  • Home theater systems

Our audio systems allow for residents to listen to different content in different rooms, as well as integrate audio with other home systems, such as with lighting and video in a theater setting. Home audio systems can accommodate various types of audio providers, accommodating both digital sources and physical sources of entertainment.